HostsTools is a trading name of HostsTools Ltd. Our company has 2 departments: Software Development and Web Hosting. We are uniquely positioned, because we know the needs of web hosting providers and server administrators, and also have a team of high level IT professionals (software engineers, server and network administrators).

HostsTools Ltd is an information technology company that creates applications to help companies maintain, monitor and migrate their Windows servers. HostsTools products serve thousands of companies around the globe, including those in the web hosting, technology, energy, financial, aerospace, healthcare and education industries, as well as Armed Forces.

The most popular HostsTools software is IIS Easy Migration Tool. It has already helped to migrate tens of thousands IIS servers and saved roughly a million hours of work.

Some of our customers: U.S. Army, American Airlines, Bank Of America, Caterpillar, Chevron, Fujifilm, Fujitsu, Phillips 66, Queensland Government, Rackspace, TeamViewer, The Pennsylvania State University, Vitabiotics, Xerox.

Valuable feedback from our customers helps us to improve the quality of our software.

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