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How to get daily traffic usage reports with Hyper-V Bandwidth Meter

Please download a couple of examples of log parsing automation. You’ll see 2 simple ways of daily Hyper-V traffic usage reports generation. We use Microsoft LogParser software (it is free) in one of the examples, because our customers asked for that.

The file contains scripts and a manual. All is quite straightforward 🙂

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need more examples.

Script to stop a virtual machine if it overused its bandwidth

If you want to stop Hyper-V virtual machine in case of bandwidth over usage you can use the following VBS script and Hyper-V Bandwidth Meter settings.

Stop Hyper-V virtual machine

Hyper-V bandwidth meter settings

You can download script source code below. It stops a virtual machine and also sends email notification to server administrator.

Be sure you have CDO installed on your server and working SMTP localhost server.

Download this script, unzip it and change eml_from and eml_to strings in stop.vbs file.

Micro SQL Admin for SQL 2008 and 2005

Micro SQL Admin is a tiny tool written in PHP intended for MS SQL Server 2008 and 2005 administration over the World Wide Web.

It is FREE!

How to install the Micro SQL Admin:

1. Install SQL Server 2005 Driver for PHP.

2. Place index.php to any folder of your website. Be sure there are correct permissions to run PHP. You can rename index.php if you wish.

Simple DNS script

For some weird reason secondary Simple DNS server waits too long sometimes to update DNS records changed on primary DNS server. Especially if lots of records were changed in a short time.

It takes too much time to reload all the records manually in such cases. So we recommend to run the following script on your secondary Simple DNS server. The script forces the server to make the secondary zones update.

The script is created, tested and used many times by our team and our friends. And we feel the need to share it with our website community. Use it and enjoy!

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