HostsTools Support Policy

Technical support terms and types

Each new license purchase includes 12 months of Maintenance and Support. Licenses protected by Maintenance and Support receive unlimited and free Standard technical support.

Standard (free) technical support is offered via email.

HostsTools also provides the following Paid Support options:

  • Software installation (or upgrade) by HostsTools technicians.
  • Software customization.
  • Fixing an issue on a customer server.
  • Script development.
  • Other similar tasks.

The Paid Support tasks are paid either on a per hour, or per task basis. A customer should contact HostsTools Sales Department ( if Paid Support is needed. A HostsTools staff member will follow up to schedule a time to perform the task.

If a support technician must access a customer server remotely in order to resolve an issue, it will be done via Remote Desktop or TeamViewer.

How to contact the Support Department

To contact the Support Department for technical support, please send an email to

Expected turnaround

HostsTools support technicians respond to support requests in the order they come in, and make every effort to give an initial response within 24 business hours. In most cases, customers get responses within several hours. Customers should understand that response times are based on a number of factors, including workload, severity of issues, and other factors.


Per hour Paid Support payments are non-refundable and are not dependent on the resolution of the issue. However, if the issue was caused by a “bug” in HostsTools software, then HostsTools may issue a partial or full refund of the Paid Support payment.