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DNS Inspector 1.0

DNS Inspector 1.0 is finally here!

DNS Inspector is a tool to check DNS health of your (and, of course, your clients’) domain names. It allows to check MX, SOA, NS, reverse DNS (PTR) and other records, compare results of primary and secondary DNS servers and much more. It can inspect multiple domain names at a time and gives you a detailed and easy to read DNS reports.

No installation required! No configuration required.
Just run it and enjoy.

How to use DNS Inspector:

1. Enter a domain name or several domains in “Domains:” field. One domain name per line.
2. Click “Test DNS” button.
3. Wait a little, the program will check DNS health of the domains and create appropriate reports.
4. When the test finished, click report names in “Reports:” list and view them.

We promised to give 50% discount to DNS Inspector 0.9 beta testers. But we gave them 70% discount! We really appreciate their help.

Please look at DNS Inspector screenshots:

Simple DNS Client

simple DNS client

SimpleDNS Client is a program that can remotely administer Simple DNS Plus servers. It is a Windows GUI application and its interface is similar to Simple DNS server. It allows to create, modify, delete DNS zones etc.

Current version 1.0.6 allows to work with primary DNS zones only. Secondary DNS zones support is coming soon.

This program is especially useful when you use GPRS to manage your Simple DNS server. It works 23 to 51 times faster than Remote Desktop!

No installation required! Just run it and enjoy.

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Simple DNS script

For some weird reason secondary Simple DNS server waits too long sometimes to update DNS records changed on primary DNS server. Especially if lots of records were changed in a short time.

It takes too much time to reload all the records manually in such cases. So we recommend to run the following script on your secondary Simple DNS server. The script forces the server to make the secondary zones update.

The script is created, tested and used many times by our team and our friends. And we feel the need to share it with our website community. Use it and enjoy!

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