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SmarterMail Internal Spam Block

The SmarterMail Internal Spam Block (SMISB) software allows to automatically block SmarterMail mailboxes (and/or mail domains) if they exceed the specified limit of sent (or received) email messages within a specified period of time.

But there is a built-in SmarterMail feature for this task, isn’t there?

SmarterMail server software has a similar feature built-in, but:

1. There is no such a feature in the Professional version of the SmarterMail Server. You can find the “internal spam” related parameters in SmarterMail Server settings (“Abuse Detection – Internal Spammer” menu), but the mail server just ignores them if you have the Professional version.

2. There is a similar feature in the Enterprise version of the SmarterMail Server, but the SmarterMail Internal Spam Block tool has some advantages. The SMISB allows setting custom send/receive limits on domain and mailbox level. Also the SMISB has white lists on both domain and mailbox levels.

For more info please read SmarterMail Internal Spam Block User Guide