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Hyper-V Bandwidth Meter 2.3.1 released

What is new in Hyper-V Bandwidth Meter 2.3.1:

Now there is an extended logging mode (or “Debug mode”). This mode can be turned on for one of the virtual machines at a time. The Hyper-V Bandwidth Meter will save the info about incoming/outgoing traffic from and to all the IP addresses, ports and MAC addresses. This is useful if you need to find more info about the traffic sources and/or if some virtual machine is under attack.

Please download the new version of Hyper-V Bandwidth Meter.

Hyper-V Bandwidth Meter 2.3 released

What is new in Hyper-V Bandwidth Meter 2.3:

  • If the bandwidth usage of some virtual machine exceeds the limit, there are 4 additional options now. The Hyper-V Bandwidth Meter can pause, shut down, or turn off the virtual machine or just ignore the over usage. And, of course, all the actions and options from the previous versions are available: it can send email notifications, run scripts etc.
  • The log parsing interval can now be set to 2, 4, … , 24 hours. Also the tool can parse the logs every time the logs are updated.
  • Improved reporting (log parsing) tool. Filters added.

Please read more and download the new version of Hyper-V Bandwidth Meter.

Hyper-V Bandwidth Meter 2.0 (for Windows 2008, 2012) released

What is new in Hyper-V Bandwidth Meter 2.0:

  • The Bandwidth Meter is an active application now, not just a passive observer. It can send email notifications if some bandwidth threshold reached, run scripts and do other things.
  • IPv6 support.
  • Improved configuration tool.
  • New improved reporting (log parsing) tool.
  • New reports look.
  • New, significantly revised network packets parsing procedure. Works better with 1 Gbit connections now.
  • The program saves data to its log files every 5 minutes (you can set any other interval from 5 to 60 minutes with 5 minutes step) now, it was once an hour in versions 1.x.
  • Log files can be saved in any folder now.

Please read more and download the new version of Hyper-V Bandwidth Meter.

Here is a bandwidth usage report sample (click to enlarge):

Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 bandwidth meter. Coming soon

As you know, our company is an ISV (independent software vendor), but it is also an established web hosting provider. We provide Windows web hosting services for almost 7 years already (at www.DotNetpark.com) and our hosting business keeps growing.

At DotNetPark we offer shared hosting and virtual dedicated servers. And most of our virtual servers are powered by Microsoft Virtual Server 2005. Yes, we know, Hyper-V is here 🙂 and we do use it. But MS Virtual Server 2005 is still actual and lots of companies use it.

If you provide VDS (VPS) hosting based on Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 you know that it does not have a built-in bandwidth usage meter. You need to bill your customers monthly for bandwidth usage (or over usage), but MS Virtual Server 2005 does not make such a report.

Moreover, if you make your own piece of software and try to use MS Virtual Server API you realize fast that there is a bug in MS Virtual Server built-in bandwidth meter function making it just useless.

Fortunately, our programmers found a way to monitor and meter virtual server traffic usage and made an application for it. We use this program in our web hosting business and recently decided to make it a commercial product.

As you know, it is quite easy to make a program for yourself, but it takes a lot of time to make the same piece of software good enough (nice, documented, configurable) for public needs. Anyway, we polish the tool now and are going to show it to you soon!