It is a great tool (IIS Sites Transfer). By the way, it has saved me many hours in server migration and restoring! I strongly recommend your programs to any person that has to deal with IIS.

Aecio Lemos (www.vlsweb.com.br)

I just wanted to write in and say “way-to-go”! Your tools are very insightful and address REAL issues for Windows-based web hosters. I have used IIS Pools to identify websites that were causing continual issues on shared boxes. Previously, my only recourse was to stop EACH site (200+) until I found the site causing problems.

I am looking forward to seeing more IIS 6 & 7 tools, SimpleDNS tools and SmarterMail tools.

Please keep up the good work.

Joe Rebis (www.ephost.com)

It saved me probably 12 hours at least! Great product, best $60 I ever spent!!
Mike May (www.activefx.net) about IIS Sites Transfer

We’ve recently purchased a license for your IIS Sites Transfer and want to thank you for this incredible tool.
Jade Benson (www.WebAfrica.co.za)

I like them both. They are smart and well designed. I’ve been looking for such tools for about 1 year. I’m looking forward for your new products.
Harry Jansen about IIS Sites Transfer and IIS Pools

Thanks a lot for this tool, it saved my business. I will refer you to my friends.
Rob Mollison about IIS Sites Transfer

Thanks to your team to develop such a great utility. Please keep up the development.
Craig Campbell about IIS Sites Transfer

Where were you before? I was in urgent need of this kind of utility just two months ago. I’ve bought it anyway, and I feel more protected now. Thanks!
Michael Trusov about IIS Sites Transfer

I used IIS Sites Transfer this weekend to migrate 143 sites from one server to another and everything ran smoothly. It did exactly what I wanted it to do.
Robert Wilson

Very useful tool! Thanks!
Jerry Leveillee about DNS Inspector